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14 speakers, automotive apps and Tesla car: results of Connected Car Summit

In the glorious city of Moscow a three-day introduction to the connected car of the future has taken place and we can surely say it will be remembered for a long time. On 12-14 March as part of the largest convention and exhibition of international class in the Russian mobile industry MATE Expo'2015, at Connected Car Summit everyone could visit demo zone featuring advances in technology and listen to leading speakers.

MATE Expo'2015 had an incredible scale - 3,500 guests! These lucky people were the first to get to know what cars we will drive in the next decade.


On March 12 attendees could visit the demo zone where developers have presented popular and innovative solutions in the framework of the project «Connected Car». There was an embarrassment of riches, featuring best automotive industry developments and modern technologies.

The most attention of exhibition area participants and of the entire MATE Expo was attracted by Tesla Model S. It was examined and tested for usability; event participants were taking its pictures and immediately shared photos in social networks. For three days Instagram was filled with lots of hashtags that featured the word "Tesla".

Exposition was crowded and dynamic. And on the second day one could not only see the technology, but also listen  about it - the organizers have prepared a comprehensive and varied business program Connected Car Summit.


For 9 hours event participants listened to reports of 14 speakers who talked about all aspects of Connected Car technology development.

Ivan Mishanin (Remoto), whose performance has confirmed: Connected Car platform is our tomorrow, was the one to open the business program.

"People want to have quick access to Internet in their cars; this is proven by studies of most automakers".

Next Merlen Efros (Mobydee) told about opportunities mobile communications offer in automotive industry. Technology of recognition of road signs in real time is among them, and Victor Pogrebnyak (AIFIL LLC) turned more attention to it in his speech.

Timely identification of problems in the car with the help of computer diagnostics will help significantly improve the safety of the driver and passengers, and the ability to register for technical maintenance in real time mode will help save time. German Chebotarev (RoadGear) has told summit participants more about this.

Saving time is the advantage users of "Yandex. Navigator" enjoy for a long time. At the conference, Yuriy Belousov (Yandex) revealed the secret of how quickly the users of the service will be able to get to the sun and how high technology will soon modernize the service.

After the coffee break, the conference continued its work with the speech of Vasiliy Panovitsin (Electromobiles LLC) who told how and where global and domestic markets of electric vehicles will develop.

"At present, China has 21 million electric scooters!" - speaker voiced this and other interesting figures in his report.

The concept of "car sharing" is already very well known to many, but not to everybody - some will only be off to get acquainted with this type of short-term rental of the car. Participants of the event have found out how this new form of public transport in Russia develops from Salim Yakubov (Anytime).

Despite the fact that the first application developed by Ivan Semenov (Reactive Phone) is quite simple, over 10 thousand users have already downloaded it. Participants of the summit have got the most interesting information about this program straight from the source. Also guests of the Event got acquainted with JTApp - universal platform for Connected Car services development and deployment, Ravil Gimadiev spoke about in his report.

With development of connected car technology the world will face tough issues related to information security.

"The only way to avoid or at least reduce the number of hacker attacks is to involve security experts. Otherwise intelligent technologies would not make sense", Alexey Lukatskiy (Cisco) summed it up.

Mikhail Sedikh ("Teletracker") spoke about automobile as means of professional cloud diagnostic. In particular, he went in more detail into the use of cloud service for automobile telemetric, hardware for technology implementation, the issue of logical conclusion of Remote Diagnosis as a process and import substitution.

At the end of the business program Vyacheslav Fedorov (e-MoneyNews) delivered a report on: "Payment rates and intricacies of car automated search and booking", and Alexander Kolomenskiy spoke about possibilities Connected Car technology offers in cost optimization.

It is important that the summit became a place where new business relationships were established. In particular, Sergei Shlykov, an investor from Rostelecom, noted two projects: Alexandra Belozerova with a project KOT - IOT for cars and Martin Mecklenburg with an animated video message for communication in Zoobe social media.

This was the first domestic event dedicated to one of the most promising hi-tech areas of our times - Connected Car technology.

Smile Expo is grateful to all the speakers and guests for their participation, and promises - soon Summit will return with even grander scale. Follow the news on the website!