Post release

On April 28, Moscow hosted the second international summit – Connected Car – sponsored by Incarnet. It was a pleasant surprise for organizers to see such a great amount of people interested in these technologies and smart cars in general.    

The summit allowed leading industry experts from all over the world to share information about self-driving cars, innovations of the car gadget market, as well as new opportunities of mobile applications, insurance programs, antitheft systems and road accident prevention systems. Participants also examined the development of the connected car market in future, data confidentiality compliance issues and connected cars prospects for operators etc.       

The program of Connected Car Summit was divided into two parts: 

• individual presentations;

• analysis of information and discussion of further action strategies. 

As stated, speakers’ presentations did not contain general expressions and far-off forecasts. Experts presented only recent facts, deep industry research, thorough statistics as well as development prospects and plans based on it.   

Connected Car Summit 2016 involved the following speakers: Lars Nielsen (Ericsson), Martin Rosenkvist (Volvo Car Group), Andrey Vasilevskiy (Yandex  Automotive Lab), Ravil Gimadiev (Original Group), Grigory Sizov (VimpelCom), Sergey Vishchuk (Gemalto M2M), Iosif Evseev (Connectivity LLC), Alexander  Syomkin (Navigator), Kirill Kankulov (Sierra Wireless), Vladimir Kartashov (Launch CIS).       

Besides, Connected Car Summit also included the largest CIS roundtable dedicated to the topic: Connected Car and startups: trends, investments, prospects. The discussion engaged representatives of Skolkovo, LG, Yandex, Auto Mail.Ru, Eidos, CarPrice, Anytime, Smart Logistic Group, RoadGear, Bravo Motors, Smart Sensor, E2 and others.    

Moreover, the summit had an equipped exhibition area where attendees could test innovative devices for road users and discovered new opportunities for businesspeople.  

Speakers and the audience of the international event agreed that Connected Car Summit not just should be but have to be a force for progress of connected cars in Russia and the CIS countries because of huge amount of highly skilled professionals and investors’ desire to develop this industry.     

Very soon, the website will offer a more detailed post-event report about the summit with presentations, participants’ feedback, photos and announcements of future events. Follow the news!